Something this year has taught me... / by GenelLynne Rivera

When your heart is broken in two, and you can't quite pick up all the pieces, or find the stitches and glue to put it together again, don't go looking for something to numb the pain. Just sit for a moment and feel it, then swallow the lump in your throat and realize this: you're injured. beyond recovery. No one can survive a broken heart without stitches and scars. After that, look in the mirror and realize how worthwhile, beautiful, strong, and courageous you are. Realize that this too shall pass, and the pieces of your heart will find their ways back together again. All you need to do is breathe, cry when you must, and try to laugh when you can. Eventually, the pain will begin to dissipate and your heart will start to find a new normal. And maybe, one day, it'll even begin to beat again. Eventually, your heart will once again come alive. But it happens naturally. Not through glue and numbing agents and distractions. It happens with time. Beautiful time.