When We Come Alive / by GenelLynne Rivera

The saddest thing I've ever seen is someone who has lost his ability to dream. Someone who is happy with the now and feels no need to dream a little bigger or go on adventures outside of what life naturally hands him.

Part of me understands that soul.... that it's possible to just be happy with who and where you are,  but all of me knows there is so much more. I just want to shake him and scream "come alive!".

Dreaming isn't a sign of discontentment ; Being ok with where you're at and not dreaming at all, isn't contentment either-- it's apathy. Please, please, awaken the child within. This is your life- become who you want to be. Have and do everything you dreamed, don't hold back and play it safe. 

Be willing to risk it all, to dream about little things, big things, simple things, and ridiculous too. Dream of climbing up the Eiffel Tower, looking up from the ground at a meteor shower, or maybe even raising a family. Of petting a moose, or inventing a new color, or meeting flowers that can sing. 

Dream, please. Make your soul come alive.