Model Session | Micaela Yuhasz / by GenelLynne Rivera

While I was in Greece, I got to live on a boat with some incredible people. One was this lovely lady, Micaela. During our two months in Greece, Micaela became a very dear friend of mine. She is kind, sensitive to other’s feelings, and considerate. I can’t even count the number of times that she went out of her way to love on me, listen to me, or to wait for me if I lagged behind to take a photo. Micaela is a sweet heart, and some of our best moments would be: when we went jogging with a volleyball, when tried our hand at a mini photoshoot (shown below), and every single time we tried to jump off the boat into the freezing ocean. We were equally terrified of the ocean, so it was nice to push ourselves together to face our fears.

Anyway, here is my dear friend Micaela. We took these photos during our “shower” time one afternoon.