Greece | Part 1 / by GenelLynne Rivera

This year I got the opportunity to study abroad in Greece for two months. Honestly, I’m not very good with words to explain my photos or what adventures I had or anything of the sort. In Greece, I took time to myself to grow, heal, and to just breathe. During my time in Greece, I lived on the boat with some amazing people. We had lots of adventures together, we cried together, we danced (so much) together, and we laughed way too much. Theo and Sandra were incredible leaders on the boat – they took time to truly know me. Theo took the time to speak into my life and to be a friend, and Sandra was like a mother to me. Not just because she cooked every meal for me and the others on the boat, but she sat with me in some of my darkest moments, even late at night when everyone wanted to go to bed, and would pray with me. This trip really reminded me that people are the single most important thing in the world. Below are photos from the first half of the trip.

One of the most ridiculous moments of the trip had to be when the boys felt the need to punch through glass and go-pro it. Below, you can see the progression.