Ink and Dagger Tattoo | Roswell, GA by GenelLynne Rivera

This past weekend I got the opportunity to visit a dear friend of mine, Savannah Colleen, at her work. She's a tattoo artist at Ink and Dagger Tattoo in Roswell, GA. You've seen Savannah model for me before, but she's also the pretty babe that gets to ink me up-- so if you're ever looking for some incredible art, book with her! She's usually pretty busy; that's what gave me the ability to take some shots around the shop, and snap a few of  Jason Anthony, a guest artist from Arizona who owns and tattoos out of Golden Rule Tattoo. He's kind of adorable, so I snapped more of him than I originally intended. Anyway, enjoy the photos and be sure to check out the awesome shop and artists here, if and when you decide to get a tattoo!

P.S. I am not a representative for any of the parties listed, and I am only  recommending and praising them out of my own volition-- this is not paid advertising:) 

A Love Letter to My Heart by GenelLynne Rivera

Sometimes it just so happens that I have sleepless nights, laying awake missing you. And I've realized that it's ok, it's not wrong for me to love you or miss you- how could I not? You're my best friend. And while times have changed, and you've moved on and away, and things have happened to put distance and sometimes even oceans between us- I still hold a place for you in my heart that will always be yours. So here it is, for the whole world to see: A love letter to a stranger I once knew, to a piece of my heart. You know exactly who you are. 


A Personal Look by GenelLynne Rivera

My family and I recently got the opportunity to all spend some time together. It was also our first experience together with horses, as we were planning on adding two new horses to be members of the family farm. It ended up being one of the most fun times we've had all year-- and we learned a lot about horses, how to ride (I already knew how, but it was fun to teach the kids), and how to groom and care for them. Here is a little preview of our adventures together, all on Black and White film, with a cheap canon FTb from the thrift store. 

Horses love to roll in the dirt after a long walk and a rinse down! Who knew?!

When We Come Alive by GenelLynne Rivera

The saddest thing I've ever seen is someone who has lost his ability to dream. Someone who is happy with the now and feels no need to dream a little bigger or go on adventures outside of what life naturally hands him.

Part of me understands that soul.... that it's possible to just be happy with who and where you are,  but all of me knows there is so much more. I just want to shake him and scream "come alive!".

Dreaming isn't a sign of discontentment ; Being ok with where you're at and not dreaming at all, isn't contentment either-- it's apathy. Please, please, awaken the child within. This is your life- become who you want to be. Have and do everything you dreamed, don't hold back and play it safe. 

Be willing to risk it all, to dream about little things, big things, simple things, and ridiculous too. Dream of climbing up the Eiffel Tower, looking up from the ground at a meteor shower, or maybe even raising a family. Of petting a moose, or inventing a new color, or meeting flowers that can sing. 

Dream, please. Make your soul come alive. 

Something this year has taught me... by GenelLynne Rivera

When your heart is broken in two, and you can't quite pick up all the pieces, or find the stitches and glue to put it together again, don't go looking for something to numb the pain. Just sit for a moment and feel it, then swallow the lump in your throat and realize this: you're injured. beyond recovery. No one can survive a broken heart without stitches and scars. After that, look in the mirror and realize how worthwhile, beautiful, strong, and courageous you are. Realize that this too shall pass, and the pieces of your heart will find their ways back together again. All you need to do is breathe, cry when you must, and try to laugh when you can. Eventually, the pain will begin to dissipate and your heart will start to find a new normal. And maybe, one day, it'll even begin to beat again. Eventually, your heart will once again come alive. But it happens naturally. Not through glue and numbing agents and distractions. It happens with time. Beautiful time. 

Urban Inspired Model Session | Devin, Audrey, and Livi by GenelLynne Rivera

A few weeks ago Devin, Liv, and Audrey helped me create an impromptu shoot in Birmingham after they had shown me some awesome clothes they had bought at Urban Outfitters earlier on. I really enjoyed the images we produced. and all these items are still being sold at Urban Outfitters, if you decide you want them (this is an unpaid promotion that really just came from the bottom of my heart:) haha).